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About us

About the Gallery

When we created 'Vadim Zverev Gallery' we had several goals. And perhaps the most ambitious of them was an attempt to gather things related to the most diverse, sometimes diametrically opposite, and at first glance poorly compatible forms of art in one place. Items presented in the Gallery we divided into several categories. ?
1. Contemporary art (paintings, drawings, sculpture, artdolls, compositional art).

2. Antiques (items at reasonable prices such as engravings, maps, books, a little bit of furniture and so on.)

3. Photography (mostly modern domestic masters’ work).

A special project of the Gallery is an antique boutique "Afjatica" - a vast, lovingly selected collection of unique items from Africa, Japan, Tibet and China.

Our Gallery is actively involved in an exhibition activities. We have our own exhibition area and we arrange events for art-lovers and art counselors. We try to make our exhibitions something special, to mix modern art and works of old masters. The main objective of our exhibitions is not just to show some part of our collection or the works of one artist or another, but also to try and look at familiar things from an unusual point of view, to open new sides of famous masters’ work.

In addition, the gallery cooperates with designers and architects. We offer ready-made series of works (paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures) where not only the subject, but a design also may be selected for a specific customer's interior. We can furnish a house in a classic, Japanese or exotic style, choose pieces of art for a living room, nursery or clerk’s office. And we can guarantee a quality and reliable information about origin of the proposed items. Because things which hang on walls of the house should not only decorate that walls but also emphasizes the owner’s status and financial position. All our items are provided with detailed descriptions so its new owner will know not only the price but also the history and origin of things.

And of course the gallery works for both beginner and experienced collector, for those who are interested in beautiful things and their history. We will be happy to share what we know with beginners, we will show our collections and help to find necessary literature. So in general, we will do everything possible to invite new people into the world of collectibles. And at the same time we work hard to learn from professionals, getting knowledge and experience from each new work .

Finally, it’s simply interesting for us to communicate with like-minded people. In the Gallery we try to create a special atmosphere in order to be able to meet people, talk, drink delicious tea and to learn something new at the same time. We invite all the masters, that we work with, as well as all those who are interested in topics we care for to visit us and to enjoy our work.