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Arsen Avetisian
rsen Avetisyan is a St. Petersburg sculptor. Even though his characters, men and women, sometimes dressed up in the fool's caps, they are easily associated with North Venice, with the city, which teaches to repress feelings, to wear a mask of calm, hiding underneath a lot of feelings. But all the filings exist, and especially the passion. That passion, beauty and vivid sexuality distinguish most of Arsen’s works. Beautiful postures and graceful gestures, sophisticated taste and elegance make all the sculptures of the master unique. So in general, it doesn’t matter if the sculpture represents half a face, half a mask, a woman's image that a spectator himself has to imagine, or a real-looking youth in a fancy dress, perched with a cup of coffee on the edge of the bar counter. Is it a harlequin, inviting visitors to a city circus, or a very long dog dachshund with a nose, shining of pleasure, living in a university courtyard.  Arsen Avetisyan was born in Yerevan in 1971 and graduated from the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Union of Artists of Armenia. A member of the International Federation of Artists. Since 1993, Arsen has participated in more than 30 exhibitions. His sculptures could be found in museums and private collections in many countries. The artist lived and worked in St. Petersburg until his tragic death in 2004.
 During the life of the sculptor a number of his works was established in St. Petersburg:
2001 - Sculptural composition «Circus has come». St. Petersburg State Circus on Fontanka.
2002 - Sculptural composition "The road to the carnival." Zelenogorsk; sculpture "Reflections on Little Prince". Contemporary Sculpture Park, St. Petersburg State University, Philological Faculty.
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